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Wrapping Up

With less than a week left from our Zoom meeting with the girl’s media team, it feels like the time has flown by quickly. Avery and I are wrapping up the lessons, editing work, and reviewing our deliverables to ensure that our projects meet our community partner’s expectations. After completing the lesson planning, it feels …

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Glitch in Planning!

Many of us know that writing is a process, but the most challenging part of writing is when we stand in front of a blank page and face many choices. Sometimes we might even feel overwhelmed by approaches that we think we should have taken. A competent writer knows that planning could be the ultimate …

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Making Memories

It is mid-July, and I am at the midpoint of my internship with Mikono-Yetu, an organisation that started from a Tanzanian kitchen. Mikono-Yetu is growing exponentially and continues to contribute to the country’s economic development. As I said in my previous post, the girl’s media group is in its infancy. It needs nourishment and care. …

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