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Making Ugali, Making Memories

It is mid-July, and I am at the midpoint of my internship with Mikono-Yetu, an organisation that started from a Tanzanian kitchen. Mikono-Yetu is growing exponentially and continues to contribute to the country’s economic development. As I said in my previous post, the girl’s media group is in its infancy. It needs nourishment and care. …

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Like a Kid in a Candy Shop

From the start of our internship, Maimua has given us the creative freedom to design a program to help the girls achieve their goals. This feels like someone has taken me to a candy shop and let me choose whichever candy I want. Very exciting. There are very few internship that give you this much …

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A Virtual Take-Off! This year, my travel checklist is short and concise for going to the Mwanza, Tanzania internship. A laptopA solid internet connectionA quiet space to conduct a virtual meetingInstalling all communication applications on my phone and laptop Typically students at Western Heads East have to prepare for a long flight to East Africa. …

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