Glitch in Planning!

Many of us know that writing is a process, but the most challenging part of writing is when we stand in front of a blank page and face many choices. Sometimes we might even feel overwhelmed by approaches that we think we should have taken. A competent writer knows that planning could be the ultimate tool for a great outcome. However, plans don’t exactly work as we might have imagined it, but a good writer knows when to cut a paragraph short or expand on an idea to create a compelling piece of written work.

The goal is not to be done, the goal is to move froward and build resilience.

There are three weeks left before the end of my internship. Although I planned every stage of my internship carefully to achieve all my deliverables and learning goals, the unanticipated events challenged my initial plans. To move forward though, I had to stay focus by communicating with my supervisor, keeping my partner’s interests in mind, and collaborating with community partners.

“Flexible planning is a context-reactive, environment-adaptive organization of plans that facilitates development and growth.” – Serban

My plans were on schedule until a turn of events interrupted my personal life. As a result, I was unable to conduct the lessons. I had to adjust to my new circumstances quickly. I first contacted my supervisor and came up with new action plans. Then I connected with Avery and discussed my plans. With her support, we were able to establish a temporary schedule. Then I contacted our community partner and explained the temporary changes to our plan. Meanwhile, the girls continued with their lessons and began to brainstorm ideas to write articles.

But this was not the only challenge. Like any other place, Tanzania has holidays. I was unaware of these holidays. Imagine getting up at 7:00 am, getting dressed to go to work, driving to work but once you get to the office no one is there. Perhaps you didn’t get the memo. Then you call your supervisor, and after waiting for a while, you find out that your company is having a holiday for all staff and employees. But, you didn’t know!

Cartoon by Dreamstime

As remote interns, we didn’t think about holidays in Tanzania. We found out that Tanzania has two holidays in July and that those holidays are significant to our community partners in Mwanza. Of course, when you travel, these things could happen too, but because you are in the environment, you can connect with the community partners. Most likely, someone will mention the importance of these holidays to you. So later that day, I found a comprehensive calendar on Tanzania’s high commission’s website and made a note of these dates. Here is the link:

Just as a writer who delete unfocused ideas and write new ones or move sentences to finalise an essay, I had to adjust my plans and be very flexible with myself and others. Being flexible is the key to enjoying my internship and building a strong bond with everyone involve.

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